Live Online Intensive Workshop on 

21 Rapid ways to validate your Idea/minimal viable product (MVP) using design & lean thinking

The Design Thinking For Kickstarter

Power Up Your Career Using Innovative Thinking

  • Do you feel a fear of rejection and prompting you to redefine your Idea.

  • Do you keep grinding at work with no plan and same result? 

  • Do you confuse which market/Indusrty you should target & how to position yourself.

I took part in a very impactful Workshop. In this Signature Workshop, You will Discover…

  • How to Identify White Space Market and Present an Irresistible Offer to Your Core Audience.

  • 03 Elements to Automate Growth Engine To Multiply Your Success.

  • 21 Ways To Validate Idea to Fuel Your Growth Engine: Go To Market Strategies & Tools.

Find Your USP- Unique Skill Proposition! & Build a Proof of Concept Using Design Thinking

Every Youth Want to be Unique, That Is You.

But The World around You Is doing it’s best, days & night to make you just everybody else.

Question is..

“Whether you want to be you or everybody else?”

-A.P.J Abdul Kalam

Your Sparking Trait

Find Your Sparking Traits To Become Remarkable Design Thinking Expert/Entrepreneur

Customer Journey

How to Connect Dots to Get a Unique Perspective of Your Customer Personality & their Journey

Market & It's Size

How to Identify Your Market & Predict Market Size: A Discovery Phase

Value Offering

How to Map Your Customer Requirement To Value Offerings.

Business Growth Engine

How to Automate Business Growth Engine: Live Business Case Study.

Go To Market

How to Develop Novel, Viable & Feasible Idea to Fuel Your Growth Engine: Go To Market Strategies & Tools.

03 Key Takeaways

The Concepts, Frameworks and Tools Covered in the Program Will Enable You to Find

Your Customer


A White Space Opportunity

System to Integrate Product


Customer need

A Proof of Concept


Go to market Strategies

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Hi, I’m Dr. Navedita N Patil, Thane, Mumbai

Jayant talk from the heart with passion and wisdom. Enjoyed and Learnt a lot. You are Awesome Trainer. Keep it up!

Hi I am Abhishek Raj, Wealth Coach,Pune.

Jayant is very nice person & having good communication over his subject. He speak from his heart and share his experience what he learnt from his premium organisation. I wish him great success in his future endeavour.

Hi I am Vivek Vishwakarma,Chennai.

I opted for one of the course and completed successfully.

I feel everyone should attend this course because the kind of motivation, inspiration, innovation they covered it's amazing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the workshop start and finish?

Check the starts days. Usually it starts every Saturday & Sunday by 10:00 AM. Please note, it is NOT a online recorded course. You choose your convenient date & decide when to start, I know you are serious, Hurry up and Register Now, only 100 seats (Zoom constraint)

How should I prepare for this workshop  ? 

Pen, Paper and an inquisitive mind is all you need to understand the blueprint of this workshop. Be sure to connect with your computer or laptop and enable your video. All participants must be on video/camera to participate. 

How do I access to the workshop recorded content?

After enrolling, we will provide you access to our VIP group. You will be provided access to the recorded content on limited duration. However you can re-register to attend the live session as long as you are a part of Innovation Igniter family.

Is online workshop interactive or only one-sided? 

All our online workshops are highly interactive! 

You will not only enjoy live video and audio but also interact with the trainer in 5 different ways: 

1. Whenever you have a doubt click on the "raise hand" icon so that the trainer addresses your doubt. 

2. You can write comments which are visible to other participants. 

3. You can also write comments privately to the trainer.

4. You can participate in poll and also enjoy access to poll report instantly.

5. If you wish to speak during the training , you can ask your trainer to un-mute you (Preferred during LIVE FAQ session).

What if I am not able to attend the live workshop? 

Don't panic! Send us an email on [email protected] for quick support. You can always attend next live session else it will return back without any question.

Will I get a reminder before the workshop begins?

Yes, 24 hours and 1 hours before the live workshop begins, you will receive an email.

Hi I am Jayant Sinha, Your Instructor

I am an automotive professional turned innovative igniter. I am an author of a book "The Igniter's Journey". My passion is to explore, educate and expand. I like to co-create products, develop new business models, explore new markets in an innovative way.

I have a deep understanding of Design Thinking, Lean Six Sigma and Digital Transformation.

I worked with NGO's and strongly believes in core values like Growth,Trust,Transparency,Integrity. I am a Life Long Learner.

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The Igniter's Journey

"How Design Thinking Helps You To Build Your Entrepreneurship"

The Igniter's Journey

This book follows the Principle of the Deep Innovation System, to give ulimate clarity in your's thoughts. It provides a framework in 03 areas.

1-It splits problems into three categories: Problem fit, Solution fit, and Growth fit.

2-Elements of Design thinking serve as inputs for the validation cycles and assumptions offered by lean start-ups.

3-It minimizes the risks through validation for the Lean Start-ups.

This book is practical, connecting all the dots of the Why, What, and How of Design & Lean Thinking. It is for anyone who wants to apply the said principle in a real-life scenario.

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